November 2023

Well, I missed another meeting. The November meeting has passed. It looks like we had 12 people attend. Final preps were made for our annual dinner. Don’t forget, Join us on 3 Dec at Rob’s Restaurant in Brookville Ohio at 17:00 (5pm)
Two PARA members attended the Germantown club for a program on 12 Nov. Terry Mann was guest speaker and done an excellent program, “preparing for the April 2024 eclipse” A really big takeaway from this program, If you still have solar viewing glasses from 2017. Don;t use them in 2024. First, They may have deteriorated, Second, Many were sold that were under recall couse they did not meet ISO and NASA specs for direct solar viewing. So pitch those and buy new. And buy them now, The Astronomical League has already sold 200,000 pairs of glasses. They have no more, So get them now. I plan on taking that day off work and watching with my grand-kids.
73 til next time