Service Net

It is the goal of the Preble County Amateur Radio Emergency Service net to encourage the ESTABLISHMENT, MAINTENANCE and IMPROVEMENT of the Preble County’s disaster communications capabilities.

Every Monday and 8:00 pm the Preble ARES Service Net is held on station K8YR, 145.470 -6 100hz repeater, for all to check in and test their equipment.

The following is the roster for Net Control:

Odd MonthsEven Months
NJ8BB – GaryKF8RQ – Fred
KE8SAB – BillN8XCC – Diane
KE8HOA – TroyKB8ZIB – Dave
KI0C – JimKE8JDX – Al
N8XC – JesseN8XC – Jess
Alternate: KB8MXE – Sheila

Service Net Script

Service Net Roster