Febuary 2024 Meeting

We started the meeting on time at 1800 following the ARES meeting. 11 people met in the lobby of the EMA office. The conference room is currently under construction.
The big topic this month is the upcoming solar eclipse on April 8. There has been a lot of meetings among the county,city and state public safety and emergency management agencies. We are planning on an ERES activation for this but we’re still hashing out what our roll will be. At the March meeting bring your portable gear. The stuff you would use for an event or activation. We can compare and contrast what we have and what we need.
We are also going to have a Fox Hunt prior to the meeting that day. So you need your portable gear anyway.
We reviewed the updated club eligibility list. This is a list of members that can submit contest logs for club competition. Club competition is a fun way to help the club in contest. Even if you can’t attend the operating event with the group. You can still operate from your own station and submit a log with the club name. Then all the members scores are combined. It is a contest within the contest.
We have a new controller in place on the repeater. Kevin, Nate and Rick are learning the new features.They will have it set up with beeps and announcements and all kinds of cool stuff soon.
We discussed the impaired driver law in Ohio. Amateur radio is exempt from the law, But you better have proof. You better carry a copy of your license on you or in your car. And as I look at some handouts from the BMV, Even if we are exempt, If your use of the radio causes an accident or other violation you may still be cited for distracted driving. EMU showed us a laminated card with your license that can be purchased from hamcrazy.com.
We have tentative testing dates for all license classes. When these dates are confirmed by our local VE coordinator I will post and pin them to the top of the page.
And as a side note, We do have a web page. k8yr.org has received 3544 page visits with no reloads since it has been on its current server. The monthly meeting updates on the web page has been averaging 20 views per month. Thank You Troy for hosting our web page.
I think that’s all I have this time, Hope to hear you on the Nets,
73 de KA8SBI