March 2024 meeting

We are all saddened by the loss of our friend and club member Troy Maxel. He has been with the group for a few years and was a real asset. He will be greatly missed. Another well known ham has left us, Bob Heil also became a Silent Key. famous for his contributions to the concert music industry, And the only manufacturer with a display in the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. We hams know him for his high quality microphones and headsets. Hamvention will not be the same without Bob demonstrating his audio products. He was a very nice and approachable Guy. He joined a QSO I was in on 80meters one night about 0100. He was developing a new headset/mic at the time and Myself and the others in the QSO had a nice chat with Bob. That headset he was tinkering with became the Heil Pro7. Several members of PARA including myself have purchased a Pro7 since then.
We had 11 people attend the March meeting. We Had a moment of silence in memory of our friends who passed.
High on the topic list is the upcoming eclipse. We will be working with the EMA and the sheriff during that time. We still have meetings and training in the future to see what we will be doing.
Rick Passed around his KrakenSDR for us to check out, He just received his and has not installed it yet.
We set the upcoming test dates that I have in the featured post box at the top of the page.
I think that’s all I have this month. I hope everyone makes it to the next meeting. It will be April 7. One Day before the eclipse. I’m sure we will have a place for volunteers.
73 de Jeff KA8SBI