September 2023 Meeting

This is a late post but I don’t want a dead page. We had 12 people attending. We discussed upcoming activities. The SET (Simulated Emergency Test)on 7 Oct, Upcoming NBC training available in Dayton on 28 Oct.
We discussed our upcoming Picnic and POTA (Parks On The Air) activation on 24 Sep. Plans were made for the station,location, And most importantly, Food.
We had a successful antenna party at the EMA in Aug. A full size 80 meter sloping dipole was installed. This will improve our in state comms capability for the EMA. I done some testing on this antenna prior to the Ohio QSO party. Some daytime NVIS contacts out to 120 miles or so. This antenna is on the east side of the tower and should have some gain in that direction. It also works very well into most parts of Indiana. I made contacts in north west,central and south east. Speaking of Ohio QSO Party, We set a new record for our group and are in the lead by a wide margin.
Our next meeting on 1 Oct was moved do to remodeling at the EMA. This meeting has already passed as I type this. It was held at the Old pool room in downtown Eaton. I don’t remember the current name of the place.