Mar 2023 meeting

The March 23 meeting was attended by 15 people. The ARES meeting was at 16:30 followed by the PARA meeting at 18:30. Between the meetings we had a very good “show and Tell” session. Projects that people are working on was shown and described. Keven brought in his Gonset transceiver and amplifier he is working on. Bill has a very well done portable power station he has been assembling. Jim showed us his new antenna tuner, and Jim Z showed a two meter amp he has been repairing, I hope I didn’t miss anything, it was a good time. The show and tell went long and we started the PARA meeting almost a half hour late. Hams just having a good time talking about our favorite hobby. I think the between meeting activity is a good use of time.
The next meeting is April 2nd. A test session will also be held that day at 14:00. If you did not bring something for the show and tell last month, Bring it in.