June 2023 Meeting

We had 11 people in attendance. Even Fred made it. He survived rehab and was released on his own. Watch out, Fred’s out.
We discussed one of our favorite events. The Oktoberfest, Antique Car run. We have provided communication to assist this event for 45 years. Unfortunately, without someone in the car club to take the reins it my be gone. We will miss this event, It has been lots of fun all these years. I was in high school the first time I helped. Then one year a fellow needed a navigator, So I left the radio behind and rode with “Whitey” from New Paris in his early 50s ford truck. I was about 18 or so then, We lost that year, He blamed me, We had a good time. He still had the truck up to his passing about a year or so ago ago. 40 years later. Enough going down memory lane.
We discussed Field Day, June 24 and 25. it is the biggest Amateur radio operating event in North America. It looks like a contest, Sounds like a contest, Has a score like a contest. But it is supposedly not a contest but an “operating event” . We are operating from the EMA office as there is a category/class for EMA stations. (like a contest). We will have a pitch-in meal Saturday eve. We will install a sloper antenna that has been planned for a while. We can use this as training for extra points(contest). We plan on two stations operating, one CW one phone with multiple operators(multi op contest). with practice scheduling operators and inter-station interference mitigation(contest). We have fun and visit a lot also. If you want to check it out, Come join us on Sat June 24th or Sunday June 25th. We plan on starting setup around 9am on Sat, We always need extra hands. If you don’t make it out , I hope to work you in the contest,,err “Operating Event”
73 de Jeff KA8SBI