Apr 2023 Meeting

We had a test session at 14:00, 8 people tested with 7 passes. One General, One extra and five new Technicians. congratulations to all the test candidates. One is a local West Manchester area resident. If you hear a new voice on one of our repeaters say hello.The meeting was well attended, Only missing a… Continue reading Apr 2023 Meeting

Mar 2023 meeting

The March 23 meeting was attended by 15 people. The ARES meeting was at 16:30 followed by the PARA meeting at 18:30. Between the meetings we had a very good “show and Tell” session. Projects that people are working on was shown and described. Keven brought in his Gonset transceiver and amplifier he is working… Continue reading Mar 2023 meeting

Feb 2023 meeting

The Feb 23 meeting had 14 people attending. Almost all the members present. After a 14:00 test session and a break to the local Wings place, The meeting started at 18:00 local. Lots of discussion about upcoming events. Finishing up with a program/demo of proper PL259 and Anderson Power Pole connector installation. These are must… Continue reading Feb 2023 meeting

Jan 2023 meeting

The January meeting was well attended. We planned our event calendar for 2023. Planned our test session dates and discussed our goals for the next year, As a group and personal. We also had a brief around the table talk of what Santa added to the shack. The next meeting will be 5 Feb. That… Continue reading Jan 2023 meeting

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