Apr 2023 Meeting

We had a test session at 14:00, 8 people tested with 7 passes. One General, One extra and five new Technicians. congratulations to all the test candidates. One is a local West Manchester area resident. If you hear a new voice on one of our repeaters say hello.
The meeting was well attended, Only missing a couple people and included Jerry KA8MEG who has not been out for a while. With better weather and warmer temps, hopefully, more will come out. we discussed upcoming events for both PARA, and white Water Valley ARA as we have Jerimia as member of both groups and president of WWVARA.
The Beep is back! If you haven’t noticed our long missed courtesy beep is back. Including the double beep for Net operations. This was a big project with Gary,Kevin and Rick putting in a lot of time. The Yaesu repeater and our CAT 1000 controller were not designed to work together. This project involved circuit design and layout to build a interface. The guys done a fine job making this happen. We finished up with a short comparison/cost analysis on Yeasu and Baofeng handhelds. The result, You get a lot of bang for the buck with Baofeng in prepping and battery capacity.You gain a much better receiver front end and digital voice with Yaesu.In the end, There is good reasons to have both in your kit.
P.S. If you would like to come visit us, We have our meetings the first Sunday of the month at 18:00 local, unless it falls on a holiday weekend. Then it is held the following weekend.